What do the 23, 39, 45 and 50 in the otter sacrifice represent?

Issuing time:2023-09-07 14:54

The Dassai   is made from Asahi, Yamaguchi, Japan. The classic wine is pure rice and is the favorite of Sake lovers.

So, what do the 23, 39, 45 and 50 in the common wine types of the otter sacrifice that likes to use numbers represent?

1. Dassai 45 and 50 belong to the entry level.

Dassai 50

Drinkers see the most otter wine. However, in order to pursue exquisite taste, Xujiu decided to grind 5% more fine on the existing basis. Rex 50 was changed to Rex 45, becoming a new entry-level wine.

This wine has aromas like pineapple, peach, pear and apricot. It tastes soft, sweet, refreshing and clear.

Dassai 50 pure meters of sparkling sake

Sake sparkling wine is brewed in a way similar to that of sparkling wine in wine, and belongs to secondary fermentation wine. After opening, it has a strong fruit flavor, and after entering, it has a stimulating foaming feeling, which is fresh and refreshing.

2. Dassai 39 is an advanced series, representing high-end wine.

Three cuts and nine points for refined grinding of otter sacrifice

This wine is light and crisp, with rich fruit flavor, especially tropical fruit flavor. The taste is round and full, with a sweet aftertaste, and a few spicy feelings. The taste is closer to white wine.

Rex sacrifice three-cut nine-cent foaming turbid wine

The brewing method of this wine is secondary fermentation in the bottle, with the unique aroma of pure rice wine. In the turbid wine series, the alcohol flavor is strong, and the quality is straight ahead of the classic style "two cuts and three cuts".

3. Dassai 23 is the flagship wine.

Rex sacrifice with two cuts and three quarters of pure rice

23% pure rice Dayin is a classic wine of this series, with nectarine, citrus, banana aroma, proper acidity, and fragrant mellow flavor.

Pioneer of otter mill

It belongs to the highest representative of the otter festival brand, and it is still unknown about its refined rice step, but everyone guesses that it is more than 23%. As a more refined wine, its taste and quality have already exceeded the classic "two thirds".

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