Company profiles
In order to introduce Japan's excellent products from Asia to the world, M-tokyo Co., Ltd. was established in January 2023, The company's business category is mainly focused on alcoholic beverages and various commodities related to daily life. At the same time, the company's self-developed products are also in progress. The products developed in the early stage mainly include whiskey, wine, and plum wine, with broad development prospects.
When it comes to Japanese whisky, Suntory is bound to be an inseparable name, especially its three major brands, Yamasaki, Baizhou and Xiangxiang, which not only won awards in major liquor competit...
The Dassai   is made from Asahi, Yamaguchi, Japan. The classic wine is pure rice and is the favorite of Sake lovers.So, what do the 23, 39, 45 and 50 in the common wine types of the otter sacrifice...
Dassai is the most famous and popular Sake brand in China.It is considered to be the "Raffi" in Sake, ranking first in the Sake popularity list for six consecutive years, and this list is selected ...
Japanese whisky is a distilled spirit originating from Japan, and its rich taste and unique aroma are loved by whisky enthusiasts worldwide. With the popularity of Japanese whisky worldwide, more a...
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